About Us

Your Success is Our Passion


Master Mynder was born organically. In December of 2018, Founders Fabian Cousley and Steven Agee participated in a discussion detailing the unique challenges minority business owners face in finding the mentorship and professional resources required to launch and grow their business. 

As tenured business consultants, we decided to create a strategic solution that would address these roadblocks to success and use our experience to help create, grow and sustain these businesses.  As a result of those initial discussions, we were part of a group that launched a free business workshop to help those in our community fulfill their dreams of business ownership.

Our entrepreneurial support program is a labor of love, designed to empower aspiring entrepreneurs and business founders in our community.

In January of 2020, we rebranded and renamed our project………Master Mynder. The Master Mynder program is now digitized and has expanded to reach entrepreneurs and business founders throughout North America. 

Our mission is to help YOU